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Lookers Tell Their Stories

Second edition. Revised and augmented.

Lookers Tell Their Stories ebookEbook with 135 reports from people around the world who have used the Just One Look Method to eliminate the foundation of fear that is at the bottom of the mind for most of us, and are experiencing life in a brand new, previously unsuspected way.

You will learn how they happened upon Just One Look and how they initially reacted to it. Some of the writers describe how at first they dismissed Just One Look as too simple to be true, others tell us how they could see right away the uniqueness of the method. They tell us how they started seeing the first results appear in their own minds, how their recovery unfolded, and what life is like on the other side. They speak about the difficulties they went through during the recovery, and how they used the Self-Directed Attention practice to develop self-reliance and learn how to control their own minds.

Purchase the PDF ebook ($10).

This ebook is for those who are just starting with Just One Look as well as those who are having a difficult recovery after having lost the fear of life. They will find confirmation and encouragement in these candid, heartfelt reports.

This ebook will also be a helpful aid when telling people about Just One Look, because they are first hand reports from people who are experiencing the results in their own lives.

And if you have not tried Just One Look yet, we hope these pages will give you enough motivation to try it for yourself. Why not? There is nothing to lose, and a sane, true life to gain.

Some of the book reviews we have received

  • I'm new to this (about 7 months since looking), in the recovery stage and at kind of a stagnant point. This book was good in reinforcing John and Carla's ideas, seeing how others have done, and helping me hold on to the hope that it will work. I have not yet felt like being involved in the forum but have watched the videos over and over and now this has been a helpful addition and a good way to help a worthy cause. I would especially recommend this for those like me who are in the recovery process, not quite sure where they are and need a boost of encouragement.

  • This collection spans seven years of success with Just One Look by people from around the globe, and is very inspiring and encouraging. The experiences vary widely, and this makes the book interesting for people from every walk of life. Purchasing this book is also a good way to support this website and John and Carla Sherman's work!

  • Nothing is more powerful than hearing word of mouth testimonials from people who have had success with this method. Definitely check it out and support the site!