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Support our cause through iGive

Donate through iGive.com

Help us raise funds for our work at no extra cost to you.

iGive is a store rebate program where iGive members have the opportunity to donate their rebate to their chosen cause.

Join today and a percentage of every online purchase you make will be sent to our organization as a donation.

Summer New Shopper Bonus Promotion

Every new member who joins to support The River Ganga Foundation by July 15th and makes their first purchase by July 31st earns a $5 Bonus for our organization. You must use this special link to join.

Why join iGive?

There are over 350,000 iGive members using iGive every day and helping their favorite cause automatically without any problems, hassle, or extra cost.

Shop at any of the 1,800+ online stores. It's fast and automatic with the iGive button or their Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. Or simply use their site to visit stores. You never pay more and they tell you how much you will be raising before you buy.

Anything you buy counts. Donations range from .5% to over 20%, varying by store. A typical shopper raises over $100 a year.

We hope you'll also take full advantage of the iGive search engine, www.iSearchiGive.com, to raise a penny (or more) for RiverGanga Foundation when you search the web - no purchase required.

How iGive works.

Do you often forget to start at iGive when you shop online?

If you have already signed up at iGive, please install the iGive button. The iGive button has a handy Donation Tracker that will make sure you never miss out on a donation, even if you forget to go through iGive.com.

Now to install the iGive Toolbar on any web browser you use to shop online.

Click here to support our ortganization.

Click here to see all 1,750+ participating stores. New stores are added weekly. Bookmark the page for easy access.

Thank you for helping us raise money to bring Just One Look to all.