Looking at Yourself Is the Essence of Self-Inquiry
A Meeting with John Sherman
February 21, 2015
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Looking at Yourself Is the Essence of Self-Inquiry<br>A Meeting with John Sherman<br>February 21, 2015<br>MP3 download

Complete recording of a Meeting with John Sherman on February 21, 2015.

"From the very beginning, my work has been to understand the self-inquiry of Ramana Maharshi. I knew all along that the gift of the love of life that I had found was entirely a result of a desperate wrestling match I engaged in with Ramana's simple advice while in solitary confinement in prison. But having won the prize with no real practical understanding of how it had come to pass, I was not willing to inflict on people a half-baked message and offer no practical instruction on what to do. Now, twenty years later, I do have a clear, practical understanding of the essence of self-inquiry, thanks in large part to the patient willingness of many hundreds of people who have endured my failed attempts to say what I really wanted to say." John Sherman

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