Look At Yourself
John Sherman

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Look At Yourself <br>John Sherman<br>Paperback

In this book, John Sherman presents a clear and coherent view of the actual problem that makes human life seem so unsatisfying, and suggests a simple and revolutionary method to bring an end to dissatisfaction and misery once and for all. This method is so simple that it requires nothing of you but the willingness to look within and notice yourself from time to time, whenever it occurs to you to do so.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9718246-7-6
Paperback - 226 pages.
Published by SilentHeart Press.

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1s1s1s1s1sLook at Yourself
By John
Just about finished my second time through, I find this to be an extraordinary book. There is so much richness and so many jewels. I was at the retreat and have seen the video a couple of times, but it's like the first time around with each reading. I hate to say it, but the absence of personalities questioning John or commenting make it more enjoyable from my perspective. Not much gets in the way of the transmission of the written word, and that's fine by me. I bought five of the books the other day, a few to give away to people in my life I love and a couple to save for posterity's sake. I wanted to have a first edition of what I think will be a classic one day. It may be long after I'm gone, but at least my kids will benefit (or joke about what an idiot they had for a father). I also appreciate the wristband. Nice way to be reminded to check in every now and then. Thanks, John

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