Tag: Sex Dolls vs Sex Workers

Will Sex Dolls Replace Sex Workers One Day?

No matter what they say, it seems that people are willing to pay high for sex. As a matter of fact, most bars where there are women for hire are usually full. But the thing is, sex dolls are now in trend as well and we all know that even if they are quite expensive, since they will only be paid one time, we can say that they are still more affordable in the long run.

Better option?

So, will sex dolls take the front seat and overthrow sex workers? We cannot really tell, but if you will take the time to read some of the assumptions of the experts, there is indeed a chance for this. It seems that most businesses are trying to automate everything so that they won’t have to deal with the fees of the manpower.

Base on trends

But the thing is, all of these are just assumptions as no one can really tell the future. These experts are just basing their comments on the trend which is obviously, somewhat going there. It seems that the lifespan of sex workers will really be shortened because of the advent of different sex toys.

A better alternative

Are sex toys healthy? Well, if you check online, you will find that some cannot really affect the health, but it might affect the mindset of a person. Some of them though can actually help in solidifying a couple’s relationship like the sex dolls for example, this can help in preventing a person to cheat because he is lonely and alone in a foreign land.

No dramas and other complications

Yes, with the sex doll, he does not need to cheat anymore. He can stay loyal while at the same time, less lonely. Even if he will tell his wife about the sex doll, for sure she will not get mad as this is the better option. Besides, who will get jealous with an inanimate object. A sex doll after all is still an object, no matter how modernized it is made.

If one has to choose between hiring a paid sex worker and using a sex doll, I think he will prefer the latter. This is because it is safer, and he will be the boss. There is no risk as well of any complications, especially if he is already committed. There will be no need for dramas or for gifts and so on.