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RiverGanga Foundation is the sole support and the home of the Just One Look project

John and Carla Sherman


Our work is to make one simple insight into the root cause of all human misery and one simple act of inward looking that effectively eliminates that cause universally available and accessible to all.

Our work is supported by small donations from supporting members all over the world. Donations make up more than 90% of our income. Donations to our organization are tax-deductible for US residents.


If everyone who is served by our programs made a pledge to donate just $5 (16 cents a day) or $10 (30 cents a day) every month for 12 months, our basic operating expenses would be taken care of for a whole year.

We have been working with this method for more than 16 years.

A Brief History of Our Work.

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Just One Look is the project we created to bring our method of looking at ourself to the world.

RiverGanga Foundation is the public, non-profit organization we operate to provide financial support for our work and through which we receive your tax-deductible donations.

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