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John and Carla Sherman

We know how tiresome the seemingly endless requests for money can be from even the worthiest organizations. None of us are able to give to all who ask, and many of us tire of the effort needed to distinguish between the worthy and the worthless and just ignore all such requests. But we would be grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to consider a donation to keep our work alive in the world.

We give every waking hour and every spare dime we can scrape together to the effort of bringing the simple act of looking at yourself to the world. We deserve no special credit for this. We do this because we see that common misery very clearly, and we are unable to turn away from it.

We believe that if just ten percent of the human family tries this act, the entire family will soon learn of it and in time we might well be finished with all our self-destructive madness. Our goal is that simple. We want to bring this simple suggestion to enough people in the world to see if our theory is true.

We cannot do this without your help. We have no money ourselves, and we have no grants or rich donors to provide the financial support we need. We have only you and others like you who believe with us in the power of this simple act to heal the human mind and bring peace to the world.

Please consider supporting this work with whatever you can afford. Everything helps.

With love,
John and Carla Sherman

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