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We have been working with this method for more than 16 years.

For the first eight years we paid the expenses of this work with donations, fees, and sale of books, videos, and audios. During those years, the proceeds from donations and sales were pretty much equal, fifty-fifty. Seven years ago, for what we believed to be good reason, we stopped charging fees and made all books, videos, and audios available free of charge.

We believed that with everything free, donations would naturally increase to make up the difference. That hope proved false, and donations have remained steady, still covering just about fifty percent of expenses.

If everyone who makes use of our programs made a pledge to donate $5 every month for 12 months, our basic operating expenses would be taken care of for all of 2015.

If you find our work useful, please donate now.

Thank you very much for your interest and for your support.


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