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Petite Women: Not As Popular As Busty Women – But It’s Close

Have you noticed? Unless a woman is really ugly, she will be noticed more if she is busty than one who has just a pretty face, but a little bit flat in the front? Yes, and in fact, compared to petite women, you can say that they are less noticeable, though the margin is not that big.

Why do you think petite women are less favored compared with busty ones when it comes to men? Check this out:

  • One thing is because of their cleavage. If a woman is a bit flat or petite, she can hardly show a cleavage even when the neckline of her dress is already a bit low.
  • It is a common knowledge that most men are powered by sight and being busty can be considered as an excellent visual stimulation for them. Just one look of a boobsy woman can already make their day.
  • Being boobsy is actually an addition on to a woman’s allure. It will make her more attractive, even if she is not too pretty. It can add grace and poise or in short, it will enhance her charisma.
  • Most men would love to touch that part of a woman and it will be reassuring for them to see the proof. You see, not all women are gifted in that area and some are fake as well. So, if you are born with it, you should be happy as others desire it.
  • It represents a lot of things. For men, it makes a woman more attractive and alluring. Not only that, it also signifies fertility, considering that when she gives birth, she needs to feed her baby through her boobs. This is an additional add on for men as well.
  • Once they see someone with good cleavage, you can be sure that they will be sexually aroused. It will be like they will be turned on right away. It will be hard for them to keep their eyes away from such great view actually.

Yes, when it comes to boobsy women, it will be hard for small women to compete, especially if they are flat in the front part. Most men will really favor those who are considered as gifted as that part of a woman is like a gift for them in so many ways.